really big fish.(now with picature)

i’m coming home from college, all tired and beaten up after spending a day in the studio trying to learn to light(more on that later) and it starts raining.
as most people know, rain + sunset= rainbow

and this was not one of those namby pamby half-visible rainbows either. it started on one end andyou could see it in it’s entirety for more than 15-20 minutes. i did brave the rain and went up on top of our apartment building and fired off about 25-30 frames, patting myself on the back for having the courage and everything. so i switch off my camera, and am putting everything back into the bag so that they don’t get soaked, and what do you know?

a giant bolt of lightning shot across in the middle of the (now faint, but still visible) rainbow. the shot of a lifetime, gone. right in front of my eyes. obviously, i was caught with the photographic equivalent of my pants down, and got spanked hard for it.

here’s the consolation

ok, that may not have come out sounding right, but that’s what happened. and my heart now lies, in itty bitty pieces, on top of the water tank of my building.

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