back to normal?

still feeling meh, though not the depths of meh-lancholy i was trudging along at earlier.

listening to some nice stuff at has surprisingly helped, as has chocolate and meeting some friends on the same wavelength. i need some ice cream and maybe will be back to completely normal.

oh and BTW, fuck traffic. watt, daimler and benz, not to mention henry ford, can all suck my hairy ballsack.

4 thoughts on “back to normal?

  1. A buddy of mine once showed me small video he made at a Bangladesh intersection. I was floored. It made DC look like a ghost town. Beijing was a wee bit crazy too…

  2. Glad to read your feeling a wee bit better, aif. Friends on the same wavelength — I think — are the BEST things in life. And yeah, ice cream’s pretty good, too.

    I love the way you ended your post.


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