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  1. I saw that on Deadspin yesterday — quite a prank. The slap is what elevates it to high comedy.

    Prank #5 about the sketch show was pretty damn funny too.

  2. Oh my God. I was a nervous wreck watching that thing! I thought the guy who pulled the prank was going to get beat up by Streety Bird at the end.

    I think that went too far. That was a cruel joke on the girl, not on the guy.

    I hope she slapped the friend, too when she saw him again. How humiliating!

  3. Brando, all of them are funny but this one is something more than that. it’s high drama with a bit of comedy thrown in.

    fish: they probably banned collegehumour at your work thingie. try it from an unsecured access point

    BG, have you seen the others in that prank thing? this is an escalating series of incidents.

    this part is like WW I, wherein innocent civilians were injured. i expect the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand to be the next one.

  4. Oh no. You called AG over here and AG does two things:

    Flirts with teh Jews

    and Bans!!!

    Check out RoD.

    And AIF, you never come to RoD and leave comments so you got nothing. Nada. And now you won’t be able too.

    Bwwwaaaa haaaa haaaa

  5. What is funny is how a videotaped prank has led to a ban war, with a pork skirmish on the side. AIF’s Archduke Ferdinand analogy is apt.

  6. Okay, banning or not, I laughed when it became apparent what was going on. I didn’t laugh when the prank actually fell.

    It’s all kind of energy, slopping over to the 3Bullsies ecosystem, and even tainting BlueGirrrls manse.

    Funny energy. Dramatic energy. Tragedy. If she hadn’t said yes, it would be funny. slapping energy.

    It was worse than duct taping a guys ass cheeks together.

    Streeter doesn’t deserve her. And the guy who pulled it , hopefully, has learned a hard lesson about boundaries. Unfortuantely, it’s not the gender, it’s the age. Still learning how to live on your own.

  7. to elaborate, since I cross posted with BP:

    what on earth are you thinkinng saying yes at age 22 to a guy who proposes via jumbotron (!!), when you likely haven’t even ever seriously discussed getting married?!

    I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

  8. There was an interview with the guy who did the prank at Deadspin, and he said what actually prompted the slapping was the bearded guy saying, “I’m not going to fucking marry you” or something like that.

    He also said that things had been patched up between them — now she just hates the guy who pulled it.

    I agree, I felt bad for the girl and could never do something like this, but I had to appreciate the epic nature of it.

  9. BP, you’re such a sweetheart! i’ll take care of that chili dog for you :)

    K, it does kind of make it sad that she would accept, especially when streeter is wearing an Ichiro jersey to a yankees game…i jest, i jest!

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