the fevered ravings of a shortsighted scurvy scalleywag with pinkeye

AKA: Blogebrity Dream Cameo (check the email PP)

so BG, Snag, Pinko Punko, Lance Mannion, Jennifer and I for some reason decide to race around the world, swimming. the winner is obviously to be decided by Fish. AG and UC are off doing something fancy that weekend, maybe something related to vegas?? i don’t remember. Brando was unreachable in the U.P though BG tried (a gazillion times). we decide to kick off from San Francisco, but Snag drops out at the last minute because some team in Frisco urgently need a coach. after some debate at a smokey coffee shop(!!!), we decide to continue without him. as soon as we kick off, BG and Mannion tear away into the lead. BG makes short furious strokes, and Mannion is rather elegant and smooth. Jennifer is a close second(though i can’t remember what kind of strokes she employed) I was barely able to keep them in my sight all the while complaining about the bad effects of saltwater whereas PP in his red sweatsuit was being slightly lethargic, probably ready to spring a surprise. we swam all the way over to the indian ocean when suddenly i decide to invite them home to see what life was like. we swam all the way to chennai and took an autorickshaw to my grandma’s place, still soaking wet when i was awoken by the shrill calling of my mobile phone.


14 thoughts on “the fevered ravings of a shortsighted scurvy scalleywag with pinkeye

  1. LOL! I love blogger dreams! I’ve only had a couple, but can never remember them in this much details.

    aif, I am a “Master Butterfly Champion!” Also, a “Master Backstroke Champion!”

    Ok, that was when I was 14, but still. I would’ve beaten all of you!!!!

  2. “though i can’t remember what kind of strokes she employed”

    I was probably doing brushstrokes (wet on wet, no doubt) which is why I was in second. :(

    Great dream. I would have loved to have seen your grandmother’s place… and of course Pinko swimming in his tracksuit!

  3. So I was elegant and smooth in the dream, eh? Very true to life. Too true to life! I think somebody’s been spying on me as I practice for the next summer Olympics in my indoor Olympic sized pool in my mansion. I must tell the butler to double the security and…

    Hmmm. Hold on. Now I’m the one who’s dreaming.

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