8 thoughts on “randites rejoice

  1. 2112 has very little to do with the philosophy of selfishness espoused in AS. It has far more to do with the traditional image of artist as persecuted and misunderstood loner, so prevalent in all kinds of mythology. Fortunately, Neil Peart grew out of his Objectivism phase, which cannot be said of most of our current incarnations of Libertarians.

    They want to live without the rest of society making demands on them or their resources, but have no problem availing themselves of the resources of society – schools, infrastructure, social structure, economic structure, military, police, fire protection.

    For it to be a truly equitable arrangement, they would need to be set afloat on a small raft, moored just outside the country’s territorial waters, so America has no obligation to protect them from ….wait for it…. PIRATES!! Arrgh, matey, it may be a day late, but it works!!.

    In fact, I like that idea. As soon as someone declares themselves a Libertarian, we set ’em off on a raft with all their belongings…. a ring of Libertarians just out of site of all our shorelines.

    We can contact ’em once a year so they can vote.

    And when we find their raft plundered and chewed by sharks, nobody is allowed to cry, except in laughter.

    Having said that, apparently Rand was quite the horndog.

  2. there is also a hilarious chapter in Tobias Wolff’s novel, Old School (highly recommended), where Ayn Rand visits the prep school. It is classic. Without her, it wouldn’t exist!!

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