video fridays

taking you back to my youth, here’s some videos of south (& maybe all of) india’s most popular dance choreographers/superstars Prabhudeva.

he is now a successful director of films as well, but his influence, especially in the southern music scene is undeniable, with at least one dance sequence per film imitating his style.

they are all in different languages(none of them english) but i promise you, they are all enjoyable(and most will get me re-banned)

the following is his breakout video, in which he went from behind the scenes to in front of the camera. he’s been doing this since he was 17 apparently

oh, and the guy in the red dress that dances in the middle? that’s his brother and also a choreographer

this one is his most popular sequence, coming soon after the one above, in a movie where he played the lead.

this one’s from the same movie as well.

as is this one. this one’s kinda funny and different from the overenthusiasm in the above.

this one came out about the same time and features Shilpa Shetty who was in some brouhahaha about a kiss with Richard Gere and won celebrity Big Brother in the U.K. the video is a bit squeezed, so everyone looks fatter than they are.

this was a one-off collaboration with Madhuri Dixit, one of India’s most popular leading ladies ever and a pretty well-regarded (and classically trained)dancer herself

this one is a bit sappy, even for me, a sucker for sap. but it’s a pretty good way to balance out the overzealous nature of the songs above ;)

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