scenes of unrestrained joy and happiness rang throughout the streets of india, along with plenty of fireworks and the latest music, as india beat pakistan(barely) in the final of the first ever world twenty20 cricket championships. it was a match to remember, and the excitement was barely contained in the AIF household, leading to quiet a few whoops and hollers.

regular blogging will resume, now that there is no exciting ass cricket to distract us.

7 thoughts on “WELL WELL WELL!

  1. It is tough for me to imagine the term exciting used to describe a sport that breaks for tea.

    Of course, whenever I describe how exciting a baseball game was, my wife looks at me like I just swallowed a spider…

  2. ah fish, you too fail to grasp the nuances of this extremely complex sport

    if they’re playing for an entire week(5 days) they better be allowed tea breaks and lunch breaks.

    however, in the one-day format, there is no tea break and the twenty20 format is just like baseball, except both sides have only one inning in which everyone plays. about 90 minutes a side, depending on the over rate. even americans should be able to get behind this stuff. i mean you watch the fuckin superbowl…

  3. I have a friend from India who was all excited last week about this upcoming match. I tried to share in his enthusiasm but I don’t have a clue how the game works. The only explanation I ever got that made sense was from an Australian who said it’s just like baseball; you drink beer and check out women.

  4. In college we used to get stoned, drink beer, and watch Australian rules football, trying to figure out the rules.

    It made for a pleasant afternoon. I’m sure this could be the same.

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