it might be… it could be… it IS

an empire!!

what gives 100(technically 75, but everyone else is tainted by association) assholes, jerkwads and all-round all-star cobags the right to decide the fate of millions of people in a supposedly sovereign, democratic country thousands of miles away? if you’re not thinking empire, you’re not thinking straight. in light of this, a short letter follows:

dear Democrats and Republicans,

Fuck you and the Aircraft Carriers you rode in on. in every single way possible, any further words you say are thoroughly discredited as being nothing more than the hand-wringing of courtiers of His Majesty King George the Lesser and Duke Richard the Impaler.

Love(wish you knew what that was),

10 thoughts on “it might be… it could be… it IS

  1. Remember when parceling Iraq was an unacceptable solution?

    It’s SO GREAT living in these times when the goalposts are moving so fast and so often, we’re bound to get run over if we don’t stay out of the way.

    And by ‘we’ I mean brown people in the Mideast, and by ‘run over’ I mean blown up and shot.

  2. BP, there are no goalposts. what you think are goalposts are high-powered laser-based holographic projections of goalposts, and only serve as a distraction from the fact that OMGWTF we are all going to die horribly of starvation because of global warming or else Bush will do it for us (the killing of all that is)

  3. thanks for that, BP.

    we all needed that… NOT!!

    oh and i apologize for not informing you of the theme change, but it looks fresher and everyone’s links actually show up :)

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