6 thoughts on “brushes with nature

  1. Wow- crazy looking lizard! What is it? I love his feet. It looks like he’s got mittens on or something. Oops, I guess the mitten feet show up better in the other photo of the odd lizardo.

    Is he laughing?

  2. it’s a common chameleon. he got crazy grip on trees but this little kiddo fell down and was a bit dazed for a while. he was probably laughing caues he didn’t fall into a snag-monitored area :)

  3. A common chameleon!? I guess I’m so used to hearing enoles called chameleons that I wouldn’t recognize a real one if it bit me on the ass.

    I’m glad it did not fall into a Snag-monitored area and hence didn’t have Snag biting it on the ass.

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