thursday random random

because this weekend starts today!!!

1) Back in the USSR – The Beatles. i first heard this as a cheesy euro-rap song from the 80s… in 1992!!! the original is WAY WAY better.

2) Never Enough – The Cure. story of my life, and a lot of others’ too. robert smith is more awesome than you. oh you thought i was talking about never being able to meet expectations? well maybe there’s a bit of that in there too.

3) Where You Stand – Coldplay. yes, i have them in my library and no, i am not ashamed. it’s just that sometimes, it sounds so good. but they do get overplayed everywhere

4) Hotel Yorba – The White Stripes. i don’t understand the song, but bounce bounce bounce relax for a few seconds, bounce! such a catchy ass song that i love it!

5) Swing Low Sweet Chariot – Eric Clapton. i first heard this song sung by Bender on futurama(#16 on the list). this version makes that version even more awesome and hilarious. otherwise, not such a fan, what with the religion and everything

6) Every You Every Me – Placebo. angry nasal power pop. some like it, a lot don’t. i like.

7) Lies(live) – Violent Femmes. from the greatest hits album, this one has a sitar jamming session. what more could a guy ask for?

8) Jeb Rand – Bedouin Soundclash. if you like the Clash, chances are you already listen to this band. you wouldn’t think a white dude made this music if i hadn;t just told you

9) The Ghost of P.I.M.P – ToToM. a ‘reverse-mashup’ with Zach dela Rocha’s version of ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’ laid out over 50cent’s P.I.M.P. interesting, if not always pleasing album, and this is one of the not-so-pleasing ones.

10) Jakov’s Suite – Tapes ‘n’ Tapes. excellent song by a pretty cool but relatively obscure band, song was introduced by this awesome person with whom i have lost touch since 2006. if you’re reading this, EMAIL ME!!

11) You could be (mine) – Guns ‘n’ Roses. unleash your inner beavis and butthead and ROCK THE HELL OUT!

12) Liar Liar – The Castaways. Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels soundtrack. hot damn this is right up my alley.

i think a dozen is enough for now. add any interesting comments down below, or else visit one of the many hot little sites on the right and leave comments over there.