al gore? really?

the rich white dude with a huge house and lots of property who didn’t really do anything proactive when he was, you know, in power and could have positively impacted millions of people’s lives got the nobel peace prize for a slideshow on climate change? glad to see your change of heart mate, but this is a but much.

meanwhile, the US(the country whose citizenship Al Gore claims) has ignored it’s own scientists and continues to deep-six pretty much every attempt made to address the issue on a global scale and continues to merrily destroy the world in more than one way.

it may well be that the Nobel Committee is using the peace prize as a vehicle for driving home the message about global warming, especially in a hard to reach(read: dense as the mercury in their bloodstreams) audience like the USA, but this is a bit hard to take seriously. of course a lot of people don’t put much faith in the nobel prize because they gave henry “stone cold killa” kissinger a prize, but their recent track record has been pretty decent (elbaradei, et al come to mind)

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