Rivers of Humanity

some relief for you if you think traffic in your city is bad :)

the vast majority of those vehicles are Autos and as you can see(for miles and miles) that’s the most popular mode of transport.

taken a couple of days before eid in the most predominantly muslim part of town, near the Old City area

8 thoughts on “Rivers of Humanity

  1. I feel much better about the chaos on the Edens and the Dan Ryan. Thank you. :)

    How on earth do you deal with that? I guess one just goes with the flow, huh?

  2. well this is like the shopping heart of the city, and it’s always like this the few days before Eid as most people go around doing their holiday shopping :)

    think black friday or whatever they call that day after thanksgiving, except it’ all concentrated in one 3-4 sq. mi area

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