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two editorials from the hindu:

    one tackling the government of, by and for the elite

    It took minutes for the top guns to swing into action when the Sensex[the DJIA/FTSE/CAC/DAX/Hang Seng/Nikkei/etc. of india – thanks, BBC World Service! ed.] fell by several hundred points. But no Minister came forward to calm the nation when India hit the 94th rank in the Global Hunger Index.

and the other about the state of the government

an attempt should have been made to make the case for the nuclear deal before the people of India. Though there have been many discussions in the two houses of Parliament, as Prime Minister Dr. Singh (and his party) had an obligation to take into account the massive distrust of the United States, both at the elite and popular levels. The scientific community has its own reasons to be extremely sceptical of any American commitment. And because of the Bush Administration’s Islamophobia, one more layer has been grafted on this long-term distrust. Neither the government nor the Congress made any attempt to mobilise the crowds in support of this nuclear initiative. On the one hand, there was the distrust of the masses to understand a “complex” issue; nor were matters helped by Washington’s cultivated presumptuousness.

btw, it did not help that tom friedman’s latest droppings were printed underneath the above piece.

Narendra Singh Modi, though most of the readers of this blog may not know anything about him, is an unpleasant man. If this is true, he deserves to be jailed and the key thrown away.

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  1. How is it that the French are trying to out-Bush the Bush Administration? I can see the in the White House: “Son of a bitch, why didn’t we think of that?”

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