all ur money r belong to us

with a weak dollar and no great returns in the EuroZone, rich people and their financial analysts are finding India a good place to potentially screw up like they did the Asians in ’98.

if i had any stocks in India right now, i’d cash in and take a nice long vacation before they find somewhere else to send their money.

7 thoughts on “all ur money r belong to us

  1. see there is all this talk about india being a growing economy and all, and there are very visible signs of urban development, but it has come at severe environmental costs, like skyrocketing urban pollution, increasing contribution to global GHG emissions, increased HCFC emissions thanks to ACs that were dumped by the developed countries to less developed countries(FSM knows that’s a shitty ass label, but one that’s stuck like old chewing gum) and people are actually CELEBRATING this. fucked up world we live in.

    hey, you were the one who started all the serious-pants talk

  2. actually, the so-called centre-left coalition is in power. the problem is that the news media here is a direct ripoff of CNN headline news, fox and msnbc. (IOTW) bottom of the barrell, and they direct national discourse a lot here, because of the very high penetration into the villages etc.

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