Weakened Reading (primarily for U.S. Readers)

Simon Tisdall on how Iran may actually have a more diverse democracy than the U.S, despite all the hate-mongering to the contrary

the self-referential Arthur Silber rages against the machine about that one dude who got tazered in front of John ‘Also-Ran’ Kerry, who stood by watching.

Who is IOZ? on the myopic hindsight of one of the more prominent liberal bloggers

Doug Henwood at LBO talks about 20 years of being a Lefty Publication in the USA.

and finally, in case you want to feel happy or amusingly disturbed, Some Dude goes T.S. Lolcat on us (thanks, K)

update: the undead one has a few words to say about Racism

have a good weekend folks, i’m off to study how to føtøgraph, CSI style

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