shoes be droppin

Musharraf has taken control of Pakistan, suspends constitution.

he also fired the Supreme court Chief Justice, said court being the one organization that was working up the determination to challenge his government.

Looks like all the talk about democracy was just so much window dressing. Just FYI, the US has supported the General till quite recently, and was supposedly one of the main forces behind the return of Benazir Bhutto. This also probably explains why Ms. Bhutto abruptly left the country yesterday(or maybe the day before). No direct news out of Pak, as everything has been shutdown.

no news as yet, to the status of the Pakistan Cricket team, currently in India for a month long series of cricket matches.

I only worry for the people of Pakistan, who have yet to see a functional democracy last more than a few years at a time, and for their sake wish that this turns out in some sort of a positive way.