public transport and it’s consequences

regarding that Tom Friedman thing a couple of posts back. forgive me, it must have been something in the Sambhar that evening.

Cheaper transportation, more efficient transportation, blah blah blah blah. if he spared a few millions from his personal fortune to you know, actually fund the goddamned thing, then the world would be a better place for it. they can advertise his books or something in return. the AP State Road Transport Corporation carries about 12.5 million people EVERY DAY(probably an underestimation). the scale of maintenance operations is huge because of the number of different buses of different ages etc., that have to be taken care of. the RTC cannot afford to concentrate on urban transport because it’s a state-level transport service that needs to operate to every last village in the state.

btw, there are no empty buses at any time of the day in the city except on really well-covered routes and at rush hour most are jam-packed with people hanging off of the rails and foot-boards. the only real way to solve the public transport problem is to give people a) more buses and b) a better rail system, both of which are in the works. but they are expensive and time consuming. so unless he is either providing some money or other expert infrastructure advice, please mr friedman. keep your opinionating to yourself and your CEOs of high-flying companies (now flying a little lower thanks to the weak dollar)