Crime and Punishment

Just finished reading it for the first time today. like most good works of literature, it took me the better part of 2 months to read and i still don’t think that i’ve got all the nuances and sly plot points that Dostoevsky put in there. let me also say that i cannot believe the ending was so… happy. to end a series of intense events as in the closing chapters of the book(the book finishes in an epilogue) in such a simple, yet appropriate and uplifting conclusion are very deft finishing touches on a very complex story that almost leaves one wanting to know more.

i have not yet read a book in which each character is dealt with in such a detailed way. even the minor characters are given some sort of persona, a character that makes them feel a bit real and lends weight to the overall story-telling. in the beginning, i was wondering if this was a book i was ever going to finish. but as you read more and are drawn into Raskolnikov’s distorted mind, the more engrossed you become.

I loved this book, and if you can take the occasional slog through very wordy bits, you will too.