you know, that word.

i think it’s out of fashion these days.

except on wall street.

poor people may die but god save the world if a few fatcat bankers were to move into mansions of slightly less-than-respectable dimensions

it’s almost like each generation of bush is elected to bail wall street out of yet another scam ker-ploding in their faces. who knew?

9 thoughts on “sociamalmasfansdvnbavism

  1. aif, don’t you know how we do things? If we give welfare to poor people, they’re going to spend it on really bad crack rocks. If we give it to banks, they’re going to spend it on primo South American blow. There’s a huge difference.

  2. hi talkNI.

    we’re a bunch of communist hippies(by most standards of decency) over here, so feel free to draw on the anti-bank or anti-capitalist (in general) sentiments here at any time!

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