Raggity and the Cloud

one of the benefits of visiting Grandma is re-reading this book. The inside cover actually says Printed in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. (for the kids in the audience, wikipedia is your friend. well, more like a friend who often makes stuff up to cover for what he doesn’t know)

it’s translated from Russian and is a great story about a girl in a parched land who befriends a cloud who decides to free the water from the evil king. the plot keeps moving along with funky characters with some amazing illustrations in the hardcover version and lots of hilarious gags, this one will be fun for those of you with kids younger than, or about 12 or those that just havent grown up :) of course, this is also an indicator of our(the collective homo sapiens species’) bleak future.

Photos of the illustrations after the break

Raggity 2

Raggity 1
Raggity 3
Raggity 4
Raggity 5

9 thoughts on “Raggity and the Cloud

  1. i loved reading d book as a child… trying to find a copy.. hav any idea from where to get an ebook atleast…
    really loved seeing the pics again

  2. I too read this book as a child… i lent it out to a friend when I was in one country and they never returned it… it was a dreadful loss that my sibling never quite forgave me for :)… any idea where I could get a copy now?

  3. I loved this book when I was a kid… I still have it in my collection!! :) along with my weathered copy of the little prince and a couple of moomin books.

    ahh nostalgia. I’m just doing an entry on it on my blog right now. hope its ok to link to this page.


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