ok, maybe i should have stayed in 2007.

so new year’s eve was not exactly peaceful. saw way too many casualties of alcohol and other substances, one of whom was a friend whose head unexpectedly shared space with a sturdy but thankfully empty bottle of liquor moving at a fast pace. he’s OK now, but was KO’d at the time.

and just an hour ago, we came this close to having our apartment burn down due to some genius who was working in the building next to ours with some welding equipment.

and india could not hold on to their advantage gained on australia earlier in the day.

someone please let me have a time machine!

5 thoughts on “ok, maybe i should have stayed in 2007.

  1. While all of that sounds terrible, the year is still new and is finding its way. I’m willing to give it a chance. Yes, the old year had experience, but it was with the old guard. I’m ready for a change.

    Seriously though- I’m glad your apartment did not burn down and that your friend is ok.

  2. I have decreed that 2008 doesn’t start until january 7th, so all of this badness is still 2007.

    I saw some yahoos weaving around as they walked in the street at 1 am on NY eve. I still am not sure they didn’t get run over. They were so bad, I thought they must’ve been pretending at first. At least they weren’t driving!

  3. I agree with Kathleen. As I was approaching the thought of serious work today, I suddenly realized there was no call for serious work until the 7th. On Monday, goodness will abound!

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