tendulkar 38

it’s been a while, and it shows. he got out in the high 90s a lot of times in 2007.

there has been no one (as far as i know)who has played any sport under so much pressure as Sachin R. Tendulkar. from the age of 16, he has been carrying the hopes of a populous, (mostly)cricket-crazy nation in the wake of scandals that have embarassed so many people, through many injuries big and small, through personal losses, he has performed day in and day out giving his best for the team every time.

to play so consistently in a sport that tests your endurance every time you step out for nearly 20 years, is a feat few people can think of achieving. and to be so humble while doing so, is even more amazing.

and this is only his test career. in the shorter format, he is even more special a player if you look at the numbers.

this man is once-in-a lifetime player, and i am glad it happened in this lifetime.

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