and it makes me wonder…

i should ask BlueGirl this cause she’s reading The Shock Doctrine and all, but i wonder if Gore is the #1 overall individual beneficiary of Global Warming so far cause he’s basically played both sides. when in power, he gave wall street EXACTLY what they wanted, and now that all that lobbyist partying pressure is off, he’s made a presentation and then won (half of)the goddamn Nobel Prize (not to mention the IPCC chief’s heart) for it.

4 thoughts on “and it makes me wonder…

  1. Hey aif,

    Haven’t gotten to anything about global warming yet. I’ve read through how we’ve screwed all of Latin America, then Poland, then South Africa and now I’m into how Milton Friedman’s economic theory is being put to *good* use in Russia.

    I think my head may literally explode when I get to the part about Iraq.

    This is the kind of book that might just be *too scary* to read. It’s like a crash course in history and economics. It makes you extremely cynical and basically FREAKED OUT.

    Naomi Klein totally rocks. It’s quite a book and quite an achievement.

    I’ll let you know when I’m into the global warming part.

    Dear Lord, if those people don’t care about torture and the random kidnappings and executions of people who are only “guilty” of thinking a rising tide should lift all boats, I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams why any of those bastards would give a rat’s you know what about global warming.

    The thought is actually laughable!



    But, you were talking about Al Gore…I’ll let you know. She hasn’t really bashed a Democrat at all in the book — so we’ll see.

  2. I just got yelled at by WordPress on your blog.

    A window popped up that said…


    WordPress ain’t the boss of me!


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