thanks to the wonders of modern technology called wordpress which had me bang my head against the wall many times in the past half an hour, i am posting what was supposed to be a comment as it’s own blog post.

In a comment over at the Doggy Dictatorship, BG akses:


of course the problem with hillary is that she will likely invent foreign troubles and/or leaders in order to take advantage of this very fact.

You really think that’s true, aif? How come?

hillary was VERY enthusiastically supportive of the prospective american slaughter/bombing/invasion/occupation/re-bombing in, on and of iran which, with her position in the party and senate she could have found out more about than whatever ignorance she can claim now that the NIE is out. and she(not to mention Obama) pretty much said she had no problems nuking Iran, even though

a) it’s probably the most stable country in west asia right now
b) they are pursuing a nuclear energy programme that is their right under the NPT (and they pretty much agreed to monitoring anyway)
c) Ahmedinejad has no real power, and yet no one complained that he was made the focus of the campaign (and if hillary and the rest of the democrats don’t know that they should at the minimum stop talking about initiating military conflicts.)

more importantly, the ruling class in D.C have learned quite well that the quickest and most effective way to silence, or at least overwhelm criticism of your domestic policies is to invade some country somewhere. there is no way that hillary(or any other democrat, really) will be praised for anything, thanks to the right-ward outlook of media discourse in the US today. so what’s a girl to do? drop some peace-loving bombs on some poor third world people somewhere who dont know what’s coming to them. it may be iran, it may be venezuela or it could be the northern marianas, but someone somewhere will be visited by the angels of death and destruction. of course, this is going to happen NO MATTER WHAT democrat gets in to power, that is the nature of the imperial beast. But La Clinton has shown an unusual appetite for empire that is slightly less evident in someone like say, Edwards, Gravel or Kucinich.

to wit:

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