Supernintendo Chalmers back at it

there are times when things pop up on the interwebs that are really must-read, and this is one. It’s written by Chalmers Johnson, about Charlie Wilson’s War and why it’s a little misleading, in the way the Iraq War was misleading.

a taste of what’s to come:

In a secret ceremony at CIA headquarters on June 9, 1993, James Woolsey, Bill Clinton’s first Director of Central Intelligence and one of the agency’s least competent chiefs in its checkered history, said: “The defeat and breakup of the Soviet empire is one of the great events of world history. There were many heroes in this battle, but to Charlie Wilson must go a special recognition.” One important part of that recognition, studiously avoided by the CIA and most subsequent American writers on the subject, is that Wilson’s activities in Afghanistan led directly to a chain of blowback that culminated in the attacks of September 11, 2001 and led to the United States’ current status as the most hated nation on Earth.

3 thoughts on “Supernintendo Chalmers back at it

  1. It may surprise Charlie Wilson to learn that his heroic mujahideen were manipulated by Washington like so much cannon fodder in order to give the USSR its own Vietnam.

    That really is the crux of the CIA operation in Afghanistan.

    What it also shows is the true arrogance of the people who ran it. I don’t think the CIA agents ever thought the Afghanis would be resourceful and smart enough to be a danger to the US. Oops.

    I have the Steve Coll Ghost Wars book and need to read it. The whole story is sadly fascinating.

  2. You know, I know nothing of Charlie Wilson’s War except for a 15 minute promo thingy that I watched on HBO the other night and I thought the same thing.

    The promo was gushing — gushing over what was accomplished there and I sat there and thought — Hello? 9/11 anyone?

    Thanks for the must-read link, aif. I’m on it! Gotta read a must-read! (Especially if it’ll help my brain switch subject. I am Hillary’d out right now.)

  3. BG, dudette, did you read what i posted in response to you earlier?

    i know it’s too much reading that i’m asking you to do these days, but that will pass soon enough :-D

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