so i am trying out this fancy schmancy new software from Adobe called Lightroom, since i just blew a wad on upgrading my aging computer’s memory(apparently old, slow memory costs 3 times as much as the latest stuff… WTF??).

back to lightroom… it’s amazing. things i would have to fiddle around in photoshop for hours to do are now just 2–3 clicks away. i never had a workflow before this, and now i guess i’m going to have to develop one. the interface is absolutely creamy, and the way it deals with files is quite smart, in that it stores all changes into it’s own database and only applies the changes when you export. i’m still learning the ropes, so i cant say too much about it.. but yeah. if you shoot large numbers of photos and are tired of iphoto, get it. it’s expensive, but completely and totally worth it.

that ends the advertorial!

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