and so it ends

it was the last hurrah in australia for some of the greatest indians to have played the game, and it will be interesting to see how long players such as kumble, dravid, ganguly, laxman and tendulkar continue to play. on the australian side, they have lost one of the most disruptive batsmen in adam gilchrist and it ends an era for them of wicket-keeping batsmen of high stature.

however the series has closed, with the aussies somehow ending up 2-1, after the daylight robbery of the sydney test match. this is in itself an achievement, stifling the tremendous momentum australia had coming in to the series with 14 consecutive wins.

the biggest surprise here was the indian bowling, which has developed quite a lot of bite thanks to the efforts of young quick bowlers (average age of about 21!), most of whom delivered lots of discomfort for the local batsmen. bodes well for the future, if they can all stay fit and free from injury.

here’s to the future and past!