everyone’s playing the upside-down game

Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, said that the combination of the two companies[Microsoft+Yahoo – AIF] would create more competition. (link)

yes.. less companies = more competition. makes perfect sense. i bet most econ 101 students’ head asplode at that statement.

sometimes i wonder who these people keep trying to fool…

6 thoughts on “everyone’s playing the upside-down game

  1. A company not doing so well is always a candidate for take over…that scares me. Some times I wonder if the final destination for all free markets is a Monopoly :|

    In case of the Internet, though, I am not sure that’s true.

  2. I saw this amazing local news bit in LA over the holidays about how the Blue Ray/HDTV competition was hurting consumers because they didn’t know which one was going to “win out” and so the best thing would be for the studios to all get together and pick one. And that is the meaning of capitalism. It was amazing.

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