i cant believe it’s not a bleg(but it is, so you don’t have to)

as i venture into the uncharted(actually i just lost the charts) territories of a professional life, possibly freelance i marvel at my ability to survive given the disorderliness of my life in general.

so any tips on keeping your work (at least), life and other responsibilities in order (namely keeping track of appointments etc.)would be of great assistance. small tips, life lessons, those pieces of software or hardware that made your life that much easier, etc. will all help.

18 thoughts on “i cant believe it’s not a bleg(but it is, so you don’t have to)

  1. I used to keep a full planner, then I switched to a palm pilot, then I tried using outlook to keep track of my time, then a wall calendar.

    Now I use a “DayMinder® Appointment Book, 1 Wk/Spread w/Hour Appts and Address Pgs, 4-7/8×8, Black”.

    15 bucks well spent.

  2. Yeah, a Lead Stylus or….just writing stuff down on the back of your phone bill and shoving it in your purse never to be seen again — works just as well for me!

  3. I like to pile huge stacks of paper in my office, where I trip over them until I freak out and someone feels sorry enough for me to help me get organized.

  4. You are freelancing, which means your worklife will be devoid of a lot of nonsense that goes on at workplaces. Enjoy while the good times last.

  5. I just repeat stuff (out loud) until it’s time to do it. I remember this way and it scares other people so they stay away from me and don’t rob me of my precious time.

  6. so the basic solution is: set up an office, and get all the other suckers to do your work for you?

    Yes. The entire world of work is like Tom Sawyer’s fence.

  7. Snag’s Tom Sawyer comment is perfect.

    Also, especially in office life, the appearance of being busy can often be substituted for doing actual work.

  8. when I had a crackberry synched to my MS outlook calendar, that was neat and helpful.

    For things I have to do, I rely on several written To Do lists: daily and weekly, divided among work, chores, and fun stuff. I either have them at my desk, or on the fridge or in my purse.

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