Gone… well, somewhere close to the ocean

Chennai-Marina, originally uploaded by Ravages.

When Grandma Wishes, We Must Comply.

going to Chennai, possibly my favourite place.

as they say, out of the oven, into the steamer!

(pay particular attention to Relative Humidity)

9 thoughts on “Gone… well, somewhere close to the ocean

  1. I’m having a wonderful time… And yes… Grandma’s cooking now. We ordered take out yesterday cause she was tired from the train ride.

  2. We have a thicken coating of ice on everything because of a full night of freezing rain.

    Your photo (and imagining being at the beach) is great!

    Have fun, aif.

    Think of us stuck in the tundra as you squish sand between your toes.

  3. That’s not my photo btw…
    And no beach opportunities this time either due to a short weekday-only trip, which means cleaning, bill payments and assorted chores.
    Plus it’s mosquito season… So i have to inhale a daily dose of allethrin:-(

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