dear all

the so-called human being who currently holds the office of the president of the united states is not, and from what i can tell, has never been ‘inept’, ‘stupid’, ‘incompetent’, a ‘nincompoop’ or anything of the sort, even though his grasp of the english language is a little suspect.

i think the phrase that comes to mind is ‘glorious culmination of years of capitalism and imperialism’. to put it across in a word, ‘evil’. If this fact has escaped your attention this far, i suspect it may be too late for it to take root anymore.


PS: it doesn’t matter if you elect the dirtiest fucking hippie around for president, we are all rather boned for a significant period of time.

One thought on “dear all

  1. These are not mutually exclusive sets. The smart evil ones know you make small concessions in order to continue to reap rewards for longer periods of time. Stupid ones grab everything they can right away…

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