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Msr. IOZ explains

At some point one must admit that the lesser evil is nevertheless evil, and the idea that forestalling doom by approaching it with more hesitant steps is by some measure a kind of progress is one of the looniest I can imagine. Is it true that John McCain is “a real nutcase.” Yes. But so too are his principle opponents, and the fact that the Candidate of Gender and the Candidate of Color seem intent on a marginally more circumspect policy of killing foreigers and a somewhat less intrusive version of the domestic surveillance state matters hardly at all. Indeed, I suspect it will be worse. It took the cataclysmic disregard for basic propriety–what I would call George W. Bush’s radical honesty–to make our darling “progressives” realize that they live in a vicious, torturing empire, and should a suave talker like Obama or a dull bureaucrat like HRC take the Awful Office, these same progressives will be more than happy to go back to more noble pursuits, like scoffing at Chomsky and mocking the patchouli-wearing jerks protesting at the School of the Americas. The writing is already scrawled on the waiting wall.

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