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  1. I have no idea whether this one is part of an art project Gravel participated in. Read more here about the others.

    But, I do think the one you have posted here is very wild. You can’t take your eyes off of it. What a cool, old dude.

    I’d think you and Perrin would love it.

  2. @ BG: i love it just because it uses one of my fave beatles songs in a completely WTF way.

    @ Jennifer: I Know, right? that was way surreal

    @ Brando: write to your representatives!

  3. I was transfixed. I could not look away. He has some good ad people. Earlier in the campaign I was transfixed watching him stand, silently, near the water. Then he threw a rock. Then he left.

    Remember people, he’s still in the race. Well, he’s still running anyhow.

  4. aif, I don’t think it was in a WTF way at all. I think the message was very clear and very intentional. I think the point is the very same one you and Dennis Perrin are trying to drill into our dopey little heads every day. That it doesn’t really matter which party you belong to in this country, we are a country with blood on our hands. Always have been, always will be.

    Gravel just left the Democratic party. I think this may have been his final FU to it.

  5. i understand the message of the video, it’s just that i dont think the song was the obvious choice, especially given that ‘helter skelter’ was referring to children’s playground equipment :)

  6. Well, you always feel free to ask me anything. I *love* to feel needed.

    Well, ask me anything except the difference between affect and effect. Or sheer vs. shear.

    You’ll have to go to Billy Pilgrim for those.

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