just sayin..

my computer is still dead, and my exams were put off by 3 extra days to catch the absolute peak of summer (12th to 21st may on alternate days), just in case the asinine and somewhat outdated questions were not enough. and, as it turns out the center is a 1hr bus ride away from a 1km walk from home. a trifecta!
you know what they say about misery and company, so let it all out in comments below

(btw, i cannot read typepad blogs at all – so a quad-fecta? )

6 thoughts on “just sayin..

  1. Just remember, evolution is only a theory. At least that’s what I learned at Oral Roberts University.

    Good luck. I hope you are not plagued by locusts and/or frogs. Did you towel off with a black cat after swimming under a ladder?

  2. Hmmm, what’s wrong with the old iBook? :( I’ve missed your smiling face and wondered what had happened.. now I know.. hope you’re back online sooner rather than later. :)

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