someone up there really has it in for me

let me explain by chronicling the year 2008 in petty personal disasters in pretty much chronological order:

#1) my ipod loses half it’s functionality, necessitating a very expensive fix.

#2) my beloved ibook dies, leaving me disconnected from the world for quite a while

#3) my pocket is picked, on a bus taking away very little in cash, but a very special wallet and my driving license, college ID, and ATM card.

#4) and just today, my mobile phone popped out of my pocket unnoticed and is now missing, presumably forever because nobody returns things in this city.

#5) (hopefully) the ground opens up and swallows me.

some days you just dont see the reason to go on living.

16 thoughts on “someone up there really has it in for me

  1. Oh Sweetie! I am sorry about all of this.

    I am sending you an AG hug via the ‘nets.

    You are clearly getting the karma that someone else has earned. Damn you, karma! Get it right next time.

  2. I think the universe is trying to tell you something, aif… give up your earthly possessions and… oh hell, I don’t know. I think I’d start investing in clothing with snap pockets.

  3. give up my earthly posessions is right. i am tempted to go to the himalayas and become a freakin monk. though with my current state of luck, they’d probably toss me out too..

  4. I’m sorry about all that, aif. Just losing the computer alone is enough to make you wanna be swallowed up. I can relate, though — cuz 2008 so far’s been a cruddy year.

    3Bulls! comment threads have always made me feel better.

    But, I wouldn’t doubt there are a few pickpockets over there. Watch yourself!

  5. Hey aif- did you ever get my email about Nek Chand? I’m guessing it was probably swallowed up in your great electronic clusterf*** of the new millennium.

  6. i thought i replied to you about nek chand?

    he’s probably one of the least regarded geniuses from india… reduced to brief appearances in books on social studies. but then the only artists well thought of in india are those who sell well in auctions and exhibitions

  7. If you do get trained by monks, be wary of one of them looks like Liam Neeson. He might just be positioning himself to kill you after you become Batman.

  8. I hate having those bad things happen one after the other! Each one you could dealwith and shrug off, but when they pile up, it’s like “Why Me?!”

    hope the rest of 2008 goes better.

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