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some choice comments at Gizmodo‘s take on the olympics:

tande04 at 01:23 PM

I’ve yet to decide if I’m skipping the olympics this year or not.

A country like China shouldn’t of gotten them in the first place and some of the things they’ve been doing to get ready just further illustrate that.

On the other hand I do like swimming.

miocid31 at 01:32 PM

I agree, i’ll most likely skip the Olympics because of china’s oppression to basic human rights. ALthough, i’ll tivo the USA basketball games and boy do i wish the US win the gold medal count!

Papsky at 01:31 PM

Those pictures look amazing. I wish i could have seen the opening ceremony… except for the whole being in China part of it.

and the best of them all :

Sloth at 01:31 PM

I see where all the money we owe them is going.

BTW. for great olympic opening photos: the big picture

5 thoughts on “sports and politics and other stuff

  1. AG is boycotting the Olympics because of East Timor. As a Jew and someone who knows that Hiltler
    used the notion that nobody boycotted the Olympics in Munich as a means by which to continue
    his quest, I am taking a stand.

    However, I have heard the opening ceremonies this year were amazing.

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