a dream about a dream

talking to friends about this dream i had
where i was walking along a dirt road.
on the road were two buckets.
one was thick, blackened, and metallic
the other was a thinner one made of clay
“what the fuck were you smoking?”
“just the city air, actually”
i felt the urge to kick them
to see if the old phrase was true
“quit boring us!”
“what was in them?”
the black one seemed empty
i cant say because it was really black
“the other one?”
well it had sand
“sand? how much?”
about half
“half full or half empty?” (with a wink and a smile)
depends on what you’re comparing it to
compared to the black thing
it’s definitely half full
but compared to itself
half empty
“very profound, einstein”
i was going for aristotle actually
“so did you kick them?”
no, better to be half full
than completely empty
i think aristotle would agree

9 thoughts on “a dream about a dream

  1. aif- you were in one of my dreams last night! I was at a party and was talking with a man about the state of the world. He was pouring me a very odd, sweet, alcoholic beverage. It was in a carafe made of clay. The beverage was supposed to give me clarity, it was too sweet though so I didn’t finish it.

    I looked over and saw a young man putting a flower hat on my dog. I asked the man I was talking to what the other person was doing. He said that the person was his son and his name was almost infamous and he was going to take a picture of my dog. :) There were women there dressed in every color of the rainbow. I assumed they were your relatives… after that, the dream morphed into me raking leaves somewhere back in the Midwest. My dog was no longer wearing the hat made of flowers. I woke up and wondered if they were coconut flowers. :)

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