help me

get over my hangover, which i am sure to have by tomorrow morning(8 hours from now – clock is ticking, gentlemen/ladies). this was the first night of uncontrolled drinking in awhiel, and i am really sturpsrised i can type so well.

post suggestions in comment,s or whatever you feel like. best way to forget about all the worlds troubles………………………………to alochlo the cause of n solution to some of lifes problmeos! NO BP YOU MAY NOT CORRENCT ANYTHIONG!@!!!

15 thoughts on “help me

  1. Jennifer’s right. V8’s good too. You can feel your individual cell’s plump back up as they nutrient’s are replenished.

    Hueveos rancheros never hurt either.

  2. water is something that i always keep in mind while drinking heavily. the gatorade helped a lot! never thought about that…. sadly, monsieur snag we do not get V8 over here though it’s very good :(

  3. After those over boozed days where there would be very little food but lots of liquor, I would have to omit it out throughout the next day. Drink a glass of water and it’s omitted. Drink a lemonade, it’s omitted out. And after 3’o clock or 4’o clock in the afternoon happens the miracle. The omitting stops. Then I would have a lime soda and I am alright. :-) But if I had enough food with the liquor, there wouldn’t be much problem. The only thing left would be to have lots and lots of water.

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