towards a better future?

Rather than entailing any sacrifice to our lifestyles, this would bring huge benefits. People would reclaim time for personal and family life. They would commute less and enjoy healthier modes of travelling such as walking, cycling and boating. Supermarket shopping would cede to a resurgence in local stores, making town centres more individual and boosting local communities. All this would transform urban and rural living, and provide more tranquil space for reflection, as well as opportunities for sensual experience now denied by harried travel and work routines. These revised ideas of the “good life” might also inspire less-developed countries to reconsider the conventions and goals of development, enabling them to avoid some of the less desirable consequences of the current model.


H/T: econospeak

One thought on “towards a better future?

  1. People would reclaim time for personal and family life.

    I love the whole thing, but especially the above. Personal time has become a bad thing. If you’re not frazzled and crazed and rushing every second, then you’ve got too much personal time, buddy!!

    And… the scheduling of children in these micro-managed situations… they help in some ways, but I also cringe when I think of what we might be losing from a child just being allowed to hang out with their family at night or spend the day doing something with grandma.

    Hey, aif- how many of those gorgeous photos you took came to be because you were crazed and rushing?? I’m guessing you gave yourself enough personal time to meander and see. I think of that wonderful leaf that was no longer in the spotlight. Seeing that and then putting the scenario with it takes a certain amount of time (and talent :)).

    Ok, end of my sermon!

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