Medak Cathedral and Noodle Blogging

Medak Cathedral, originally uploaded by pangalactic gargleblaster.

Just came back from what turned out to be an extended trip to Medak. The photo is of the Cathedral in Medak(Anglican in origin now run by the CSI, one of the largest in Asia. The scaffolding indicates that this venerable cathedral is undergoing a little bit of polishing in time for the festive season

News filtered down to even this tiny little town that a guy named Barack Obama won the American presidential election by a pretty big margin, and I did my best to educate those who were interested about American politics. of course, nobody really cares cause this happened on the same day. Local politics is obviously more important and interesting than a land faraway and I too learned more about local politics and regional history than i could assimilate. Also, nobody here really cares about the financial meltdown etc. either. It’s all about the crops because right now, it’s harvest time and there’s something of a labour shortage. We were lucky that we got a few shots of standing crops, but a day later and we would have missed most of them.

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