Terror in Mumbai

As footage from Mumbai shows what appears to be a fucking warzone, my thoughts and wishes go out to those who are victims of the horrible terror attacks. I only hope those responsible are unearthed and apprehended and brought to justice under the law. I also hope that we actually find those responsible and not produce scapegoats, as has sometimes happened in the past.

5 thoughts on “Terror in Mumbai

  1. The wretched Congress will surely see the end of India. Look at the wimp of a PM who ‘condemns’ the attack. He has nothing original to say. He has nothing different to say because he has no other emotion than the ‘Congress’ emotion that can only ‘condemn’ again and again and go back to sleep. Manmohan Singh, Shivraj Patil – such sorry relics of a diseased idealogy responsible for the country! What else can one expect?

  2. i asked this earlier in a different forum.. do you want the PM armed and storming the hotel along with the NSG and the Marine commandos? what is it you want him to do apart from ‘condemn’ the acts? you want him to declare ‘war’ on ‘terror’? ask the USA how well that has turned out. he can only make laws and insist on them being implemented. I am not apologizing for the PM, but he is not exactly in a position to do something personally about this.

    Those who can, such as the Mumbai police, the army, the navy and the coast guard are doing all they can to rescue hostages and fight the attackers.

  3. aif, I really feel for you. It’s such a frightening series of attacks. I also hope that, despite how awful it is, your government doesn’t go completely insane the way ours did after 9/11.

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