History, tragedy, farce, all that jazz

maybe the terror attacks in mumbai really WERE india’s 9/11. and everyone is losing their goddamn heads about what is to be done. what else would explain this acid flashback of a bloodthirsty rant?

I am very disappointed to know that there will not be any military action against Pakistan.

This time around, I’m one of those many people out there who is quite content at thinking out of anger. And I am starting to think that I, in my own reaction, have been too patient towards the Pakistan government. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is the time for some harsh action. Maybe this is the time for a knee-jerk reaction. If the rest of the world understands the evidence we have against Pakistan in protecting terrorists, then there is little that ought to stop us from launching a full-fledged war on that nation. I think we’ve been too soft, too long.

this is almost exactly the sort of thing i used to read on various right-wing sites(lgf, freeperville etc) almost exactly 7 years ago, except replace ‘pakistan’ with afghanistan. it disgusted me then with regard to the usa, and it disgusts me even more today with regard to india precisely because of the utter futility of the wars waged by the most powerful army in the world.

also, a word on the ‘too soft for too long’ meme that seems to be spreading across the indian blogosphere. india is not, and has never been a soft state, at least not since the Emergency, and quite likely well before that. If you feel that india is a ‘soft’ nation, that is only because you have never been on the hammer end of it.

I used to think Mutiny was an interesting site where i could talk about indian politics and social issues etc., but if such posts are allowed to continue then i have to question what sort of intellectual swampland i am trudging through…

UPDATE to their credit, the Mutiny team has marked the post as ‘private’ and it is no longer available for public viewing.

2 thoughts on “History, tragedy, farce, all that jazz

  1. Dude, the mutiny guys are doing a good job. Sure there are challenges in a multi-user blog, but overall it’s at least an attempt to talk about issues we were not willing to talk about earlier.

    As regards the issue at hand, I have read your comments on Angry Indian. What Pakistan or whoever did this attack wants is a knee jerk reaction from India. They should give us Indians this much credit that we can understand what’s going on.

    By the way, it’s pretty cool this site of yours.

  2. Yeah, they are in general… but the tone is shifting towards hysteria.

    thanks for the compliments, stay around and you may see a couple of photos that you may like as well!

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