pardon my genius but…

i am reading a lot about pakistan this and that, the pakistani army is such and such. surely, the best thing that the Indian govt. could do to destabilize the Pak. army is to withdraw all it’s forces from the border areas and Kashmir and do it very very publicly. that eliminates most of their(Pak Army’s) raison d’etre, and would give strength to those voices in Pakistan calling for a reduction in the power of the military. Plus, reduce expenses on military spending in India itself.

unless of course, the aim of the indian state is to maintain the status quo so that all political parties involved can continue to exploit the fears of people to their benefit. but then, as peace-loving people we would NEVER do that, right?

7 thoughts on “pardon my genius but…

  1. May be Pakistan would then pretend to withdraw its troops too openly but continue with covert inflitration with glee since no one’s topping it? May be?

    • of coure, we have had cases of tremendous stupidity during a relatively peaceful stint(the nuclear bomb test for one, the emergency for another) but with as many people starving as the entire population of North America, military spending cannot be justified

  2. unlike the US, india does not maintain a large fleet of nuclear warships nor does it bomb countries on the other side of the world with overpriced aircraft. so there would be less of an excuse to increase it at the least :)

  3. By the way, India has the most worse navy ever, Pakistan navy has better ships and India also declare war on Pakistan but still don’t have any success.

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