Misdirected questions

Sanjukta sez:

President Bush is an elected representative of a free democratic nation and if not anything he is a fellow human. What makes another human to stoop so low in gimmicks in order to voice his protest. Wasn’t his ‘pen’ powerful enough that he had to display such vulgar lack of tolerance. What was he thinking? Is that the way civilized people should communicate?

apparently the way civilized people communicate is by invading a nation, looting her treasures, destroying the infrastructure, reducing cities to prehistoric conditions, killing a million people, creating sectarian tensions, indulging in ethnic cleansing and building giant bases and calling it a ‘green zone’.

i dont know if the part about the pen was serious or not, but WTF. if living in an occupied country and witnessing it’s utter decimation doesnt provide the explanation for throwing a shoe at somebody, i dont know what does….

One thought on “Misdirected questions

  1. Actually nothing does. Please understand I am no Bush fan, its just that I don’t get it, the shoe throwing thing…but may be it did serve a purpose after all. Like you said on Mutiny, we weren’t talking about Iraqi people until this incident

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