the gift of 2008

on the last day of ’08, i finally realized i am not at all suitable for a cubicle-bound job. i walked into one such office on new year’s eve(and which may have been the cause of various illnesses) as part of a ‘final selection’ and i totally could not get myself motivated to make anything useful that they wanted me to. apart from the usual restrictions on internet browsing which raised alarm bells for me, there was not a single window in the entire office. this drove me nuts within the first half hour… there was a section filled with empty dell boxes on the other half of the floor which may have held windows behind them, but i am not sure.

surprisingly, the people there were very friendly, nice and who could apparently work in dim fluorescent overhead lighting on underpowered computers. how do people do it? i dont know. if you work in an office without a window, and do it all day every day, i salute your mental fortitude cause i would go berserk within 2 days.

9 thoughts on “the gift of 2008

  1. I think the Dell boxes held Windows within.

    As for the cubicle existence, RUN LIKE THE WIND!!! I worked in a place that had one window, but one window made a huge difference. No windows equals insanity.

  2. Apropos of nothing, that discription of the place has me interested. Sounds like a nice setting to test your low-light photography skills. ;-)

  3. they were talking about having people leave their cellphones outside!!!!!!

    Yikes!!! Seriously! Annoyances such phones are, well, annoying, but that’s just Claustrophobia inducing Big Brotherism!


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