A petition

We the Citizens of Pakistan and India demand that:
•The Government of Pakistan and the Government of India should practice zero tolerance for religious extremism and terrorism in the interest of the very sustenance and prosperity of both the countries..
•Recognising that the problem of terrorism in both the countries are qualitatively different, we urge both the governments to take all appropriate initiates to contain and root out the activities of all fanatic and terrorist groups and catch and punish perpetrators of any acts of terror in their respective countries to make the subcontinent safe and secure for all.
•Both the governments should immediately set up a Joint Action and Investigative Agency for total cooperation and mutual assistance to address and overcome the problem of terrorism effectively and without any further delay.
•War can never be a solution but the beginning of insurmountable problems for both the countries. Hence both the governments should desist from war posturing and immediately engage in meaningful and effective dialogue and actions to address the issue of terrorism and to resolve all other outstanding problems.
•Both the Governments should follow in letter and spirit all the Conventions and Resolutions of UN and SAARC against terrorism and for cooperation to secure an atmosphere of mutual trust and holistic cooperation that alone could ensure security of all citizens and prosperity of the entire region.
•We appeal to the media of both India and Pakistan to play a constructive role in this hour of crisis to propagate and strengthen positive attitudes for the resolution of all the outstanding problems and discourage escalation of conflict and adventurism that could jeopardize peace and prosperity of both the countries.

[almostinfamous and the undersigned]


If you are an indian or pakistani citizen or of indian or pakistani origin, i would be grateful to you if you read and sign the campaign if you agree with it. the response around my own personal circle has been slightly less than encouraging so all you can do would be great!

2 thoughts on “A petition

  1. AlmostInfamous,

    I briefly read through your spat with Trailblazer on the Mutiny about this petition. Trail~’s a nice guy overall, if you go by his earlier posts & comments on the Mutiny. Don’t misunderstand him please.

    I don’t comment there anymore, but do visit sometimes to read Sandy’s excellent writing.

    I just came here to tell you that I agree wholeheartedly with you.

    Pro-peace is anyday better than pro-war. Pro-peace is evolution. Pro-war is Neanderthal!

    Here’re a couple of posts you might want to refer people to (in reverse chronological order):







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