o hai. i was hoping some of you can use your extremely creative wordplay to come up with a snappy name for a photo studio. there are plans in the air, for a group entrepreneurial photo studio specialising in fashion and/or portraiture. we need a snappy name, something that is snappy, vaguely dirty(filthbots welcome but dont make yourselves too comfortable) and catchy – basically what you would find in an ad firm, but without the fees or the attitude. i really got nothing =(

21 thoughts on “crowdsourcing

  1. dude, do you want us to fail???? olan mills died a painful death recently… now lensmaster flash – that’s a good one. i dont think the others will get the reference, but that’s a good start – alternate suggestions include using languages alien to india – like french, or portugese or maori. what can i say, i work with wannabe hipsters :)

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