2 in one review – compressed for quicker reading

Slumdog Millionaire – great beginning, happy ending, tedious middle parts. dialogue would have served better in hindi, didnt feel authentic enough in the second half thanks to dev patel’s sudden british accent. enjoyable, sure – worthy of the hype? – no. rehman’s music is especially disappointing, he’s done way better. check out music of delhi 6 for something better.

Luck By Chance – driving message of the film is that fortune favours the brave. a quite interesting take on the bollywood movie machine, done with a lot of love by the new generation of one of the industry’s more famous couples. plot is well written though worn in parts, but the performances of the ensemble cast make it work well despite the occasional patch of boredom. watch out for rishi kapoor, konkona sen and the brief cameo by hrithik roshan – oh and farhan akhtar does a good job himself. music is quite good too.

4 thoughts on “2 in one review – compressed for quicker reading

  1. I took my 13-year-old and his friend to see Slumdog Millionaire a couple weeks ago when we had a gap between basketball games. I liked it a lot, although an Indian friend of mine hates it. We both like the M.I.A. version of “Paper Planes” used in the movie, though.

  2. I thought Dev Patel was the major problem. The female lead was a little flat. The first half was great and Paper Planes was used so effectively I wanted to cry during that part. I would have skipped the credits dance number, or maybe that was Patel sucking again. Change the lead and the movie totally changes. The adult brother was OK, but the kid boys were very good, especially the brother.

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