The Height of Photography

what i learned from the latest photoshoot at an upcoming port:

1) iron ore gets everywhere, so layer up even in the summer sun
2) standing on the top of a boat is a great way to get pictures, but wear a nosemask
3) they are called professional lenses for a reason – they handle tough situations really well :)
4) they are called consumer lenses for a reason – they break for no apparent raisin :(
5) it’s really hard to get good photos through perspex or at 700′
6) lighthouses are awesome
7) photos are really hard to take from lighthouses because the wind is whipping granite dust, iron ore and coal flecks down your nose.
8) there’s a reason all industrial workers wear helmets, me and my colleague both found that out in very quick time.
9) just because you have a polarizer doesn’t mean you need to use it
10) always sign a written agreement before stepping up to the plate

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