feeling a bit mehlancholy

so here’s a decidedly not-meh song. i am not a fan of ‘oldies’ by default, but there are some stellar examples of great music and great poetry, combined with very powerful (though now cliched) cinematography that have graced the indian silver screen and this is probably among the very top examples. It helps that the music composer and the singer are both at the heights of their prowess and provide the aural impact while the actors on screen do full justice to the song as well.

7 thoughts on “feeling a bit mehlancholy

    • That movie was released also in the late 50’s :) it was a huge success, not without controversies and sadly the actress died shortly after the movie released…

    • didnt think to check wikipedia as i was going on parents’ recollections…sad to hear that the actress died after making this movie:(

      the whole movie is a masterpiece

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